Taishido (t)

It is a dense, sacred space where founder of a religion Kobodaishi's benevolence and wisdom overflow. Both The Taizo Mandara and The Kongo Mandara hang out to the wall in the vicinity of the inner temple is a valuable mandara that is carved for Sansei's(from China) black granite by the technique "shadow engraving", and colored.

The folding screen of Hannyashingyo (the prajna core sutra) is the one as sayd, "National treasure of South Korea", and what gotten from [LEE SONG MUCK] of [YURINMON] of South Korea as commemoration of friendship.
It is said that all of oneself are thrown out and it was written. Please see this "Prajna core sutra" by all means.

"[Yukimatsuzu]" of meel all together of Oukyo Maruyama of shadow engraving mountain respondent as well as both Ryokaimandara. This "[Yukimatsuzu]" is spread over the floor.
The world of Satori from Kobodaishi is sure to exist also in not the one that is far away much but own mind and we think would like of seeing in this saint temple through meditation.

| About seeing |

As for seeing, it is admission frees.
The seeing ticket is accepted by each information desk and the acceptance. The seeing ticket lets me assume it is effective only on that day.

Admission frees

Adult (more than junior high school student) \500
Grade-schooler \200