The Seiryuji Children's Fund
  1. Process to the establishment of the Seiryuji Children's Fund
     So far, Seiryuji has practiced support activities for both a nursing institution in Kagoshima prefecture and overseas institutions such as elementary schools, orphanages and so on in such countries as India, Thailand and Cambodia. However since single type activities were not effective enough to provide long-range and high quality support, Seiryuji established the Seiryuji Children's Fund in 2001.
  2. Purpose
     There are a large number of children in the world who are suffering from poverty, starvation, prostitution, drugs, human trading, unjust employment, abuse, assault and so on. Ther number of children who need support in some way such as street -children without a place to uncountable. Seiryuji Children's Fund is aimed at evolving relief activities for both domestic and foreign children with Buddhist ties.
  3. Contents of the current activities
    1.  Expansion of children's opportunities to nourish their natural characteristics
      • Establishment of a sufficient number of institutions such as schools and orphanages
      • Support of materials such as the supply of school items
    2. Sustentation and protection of children's lives
      • Establishment of a sufficient number of medical institutions
      • Provision of nutritious food

  4. ※Seiryuji even plants to champion children's right and carry out activities for redemption and evolution of children's souls in the future.
◎ report of Activity
◎ Information on Fund-raising