Pilgrimage to sacred places

Domestic Pilgrimage Overseas Pilgrimage
@Seiryuji has viewed and seen a pilgrimage as an opportinity for Buddhists to gather merits and held pilgrimages both overseas and inside Japan so far.
Started from a domestic pilgrimage in 1994, Seiryuji has also held a pilgrimage in India in 1997. Both domestic and overseas pilgrimages now have been held at least once a year. The number of participants also has been growing every year.
@Distinguished from others, a characteristic of a Seiryuji pilgrimage is being able to travel through eternal time and space including the present, past and future. Also people can feel that their souls become cleansed and elevated through five senses ; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Some participants have already recognized that their spirits have been transmigrating. It is the impact and impression that we can not express it in words. Realizing of true wishes in bottom of oneself's hearts is related with satisfying present oneself heart and healing one's heart. So it is a great chance to meditate on oneself with touching something you would seldom see or hear in your daily life and think, "For what was I born?", "What is a mission of life assigned to me?" or "What am I exactly searching for?".
@Seiryuji expects many people to experience touched feelings such as a delight that springs up from the bottom of the heart and also a sense of appreciation. Seiryuji also hopes that everyone can live with a gratitude toward ancestor's merits and realize to feel being let to live by the invisible power. Seiryuji believes that such feelings will be related to the redemption of many other's souls.