HoshikuiF Yakuyoke-Kiganj

@Every year, there is a memorial sevice on Setsubun, the day before the beginning day of the Spring, to wish and pray for people's fortune and health and also extinguishing misfortune and disaster. It is called Hoshiku. This memorial service is aimed to cleanse each person's star. In Buddhist terms, star represents one's fortune and it changes every year.
@People are likely to think Yakuyoke-Kigan, a prayer of extinguishing misfortune, is important only when one has Yakudoshi, a bad star's year or the year before and after. However Hoshiku is a star festival also for those who have a good star's year in order to enjoy a better fortune. Seiryuji recommends a practice of this annual memorial service to those who have a bad star'S year to escape from troubles and misfortunes, and to those who have a good star's year to enjoy more happiness.