ފ݋{ Higan-Kuyo

@Seiryuji practices another memorial service for Buddhists in Higan period, 7days both before and after the Vernal Equinox day and Autumn Equinox day, by writing their ancestors' names on paper Buddhism tablets with a Higan prayer.
@Originated in "Touhigan", Chinese translation of a Sanskrit word "Paramita(g)", Higan means reaching a world of enlightment from a world of waver. Buddhism emphasizes Rokuharamitsu(Zg), 6 important conducts, to reach enlightment such as ; Giving(z{(Fuse))EKeeping rules((Zikai))EPerseverance (EJ(Ninniku))ESincerity in Buddhism practice(i(Shojin))EMeditation (T(Zenjo)) and Enthusiasm to attain enlightment(qd(Chie)). Higan is a very good opportunity and considered as a Buddhism week to practice such conducts. Seiryuji recommends you to participate in this memorial service for our ancestors with reminiscing about them and being appreciative for our presence, and also try our best in daily practice to become Buddha within our lives.
@For those who have not been able to do daily services for ancestors, Seiryuji sincerely advices you to join in this event because your wish will reach your ancestors much easier than usual during the Higan period.