真言密教(Shingon Mikkyo) greatly emphasizes the importance of 修行(Shugyo) where we unify ourselves with 
	          Buddha through all our organs.
               Especially we, as human, continue to commit sins only by carring out simple conducts in daily life. For example, 
              there are 業(Gou), the sins made by our behaviors (身:Shin), speeches(口 : Ku) and hearts (意 : I), 
              or those parts itself, and those are collectively called 三業(Sango).
               We tend to think that judging and conducting along the experiences developed through five senses, 
              or the sense of value based on the karma is truly a normal pattern of human acts, however, 
              this kind of routine itself makes us commit great sins.
                Is this comprehensive to you how crucial everyday Buddhism practice is for a penitence and to wash sins away?

 Now Oshaka-sama preaches 八正道(Hasshodo), however only by practicing this Hasshodo, 
	          it will take us as long as hundreds of years to clear our Gou accumulated from the past which we can not 
	          shoulder and to attain enlightment. This is why practicing Sokushinjobutsu established by Kouboudaishi, 
	          Kukai is also evaluated. Sokushinjobutsu is a discipline for us to transform ourselves 
	          into Buddha by unifying our Sango(Shin, Ku and I) with 三密(Sanmitsu) : those body parts of Buddha.

By carrying out Gyo with forming 印(In) with fingers, repeating Shingon and focusing on Buddha, 
	          our five senses become cleaned and our souls approach that of Buddha.
	           Every Buddhist of Seiryuji has already experienced a part of the feeling of transformation in such Gyo 
	          as repeating Okyo and 写経(Shakyo) at home, however, practicing Gyo in Seiryuji will accelerate the cleansing of 
	          your soul and ensure you the experience of being unified with Buddha and nature.
               Having wished Buddhists to experience Shugyo as a more familiar part of discipline and awake to a true belief of 
              devoting to 三寶(Sanpou)(佛(Butsu):Buddha・法(Hou):preach・僧(Sou):monk), Seiryuji has held Gyo trips to fpreign 
              countries with Buddhist ties.