the Shingon-sect Buddhism

Fudosan Seiryuji

真言宗 不動山青隆寺


 真言宗(Shingon-shu) is a Buddhist sect that was founded in 812 by 空海(Kukai), who is wellknown by many people even now as 弘法大師(Kobo daishi).
It progressed from a religion in China which originated in 密教(Mikkyo) in India. Kukai was the first person to Organaize everything and establish Shingon-shu. 
 Now 大日如来(Dainichi-Nyorai) is defined as a master of precepts in Mikkyo.He is called 法身仏(Hosshinbutsu) because his shape visually represents the principle (or the truth) of the universe. He preaches to anyone in all places at the same time. However, we cannot hear his preaching even if it exists in all places just as the air does, unless we have decent capacity to sense it. That is the reason why the preaching is called Mikkyo, secret teachings of Buddhism or the esoteric Buddhism.
 Mikkyo teaches that everyone is capable of becoming 仏陀(Buddha) and attaining 悟り(Satori), an enlightment. In this sense, it is important to practice 修行(Shugyo) being one with Dainichi-Nyorai. Then we can realize 即身成仏(Sokushinjobutsu) : becoming Buddha with our present bodies within our lives, which Kukai indicated.
 Therefore it is significant for us to unify 三業(Sango) : our bodies, speeches and souls with those parts of Dainichi-Nyorai ; form 印(Inn), finger poses ; repeat 真言(Shingon) , お経(Okyo) ; calm ourselves ; and face Buddha tranquilly. Through those practices and carrying out 家行の行(Kagyo-no-gyo) day by day, our spirits are cleansed and we are able to listen to the preaching of Dainichi-Nyorai and transform ourselves into Buddha.
  This temple is a Shingon-shu temple. On July 29,1990, this temple was founded by the Reverend 吉井雄海(Yukai Yoshii) at the location of the old 大師堂(Taishido) and named 東寺真言宗不動山青隆寺(Toji Shingon-shu Fudosan Seiryuji). Today it mainly consists of 金堂(Kondo), inaugurated in May 21, 2000 ; and 写経道場(Shakyodojo), inaugurated in October 24,2002.
 Since the inauguration, this temple has based on a religious reform or an enlightment of the society grounded in Kobodaishi's oath and wish ; prosperity of Mikkyo, 済世利民(Saiseirimin) and Sokushinjobutsu, and coducted diversified religious activities.(detailed in each content of this web site)
 お釈迦様(Oshakasama) preaches about 四苦(Shiku) ; birth, aging, illness and death. In this world where Shiku is spread out, the appearance of 極楽浄土(Gokurakujodo), namely the establishment of Seiryuji, is a visible way of a religious reform. Only by visiting this temple, we would experience such refreshment as our spirits become cleansed, and that we are made to see everything which exists in Garan rather than seeing them.
 Through such experiences, we are made to realize our arrogant thoughts and egos as that we have lived independently on our own, and such gratitude and pious feeling as that we are let to live by some invisible power springing up. Also breathing fresh air here leads us to live with an idea of the mind or thought of 空(Kuu) stated in 般若心経(Hannyashingyou).